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International Education Week

Wednesday, November 14 – 11:00am – 4:00pm – E Concourse (North Campus)

Thursday, November 15 – 11:00am – 4:00pm – LCommons (Lakeshore Campus) 

Come celebrate International Education Week with Humber’s International Development Institute and Humber’s Community Outreach and Workforce Development, at the Non-Profit Marketplace!

The Non-Profit Marketplace brings together both local and international organizations who are doing their part to be a global citizen. Now is your chance to ask organizations like Engineers Without Borders, GlobalMedic, World Food Programme, and the Canadian Hearing Society how to get involved and support the world around you.

In addition to having the chance to speak to these fantastic organizations, come play games that will test your knowledge on sustainable development. Do you think you know what development means? The ‘What is Development?’ game will be sure to put your knowledge to the test, and will be sure to spark conversations that will leave you wanting to dive deeper into the field of development.

For more information about on-campus activities celebrating International Education Week, visit:

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students at International Education Week

2 young women talking to teacher at IEW booth

2 student volunteers at IEW

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, issued the following statement to mark International Development Week 2016

“As Canadians, we are defined by our compassion, our generosity, and our ingenuity. Nowhere are these qualities more evident than in our international development workers and volunteers. These Canadians work tirelessly at home – and around the world – to reduce poverty and inequality. “Moving forward, the Government of Canada will be refocusing development assistance on helping the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. Our efforts will be guided by the principles of innovation and effectiveness, as we strive to make Canada’s approach to development something that we can all be proud of. “During International Development Week, I encourage all Canadians to learn – and draw inspiration from – those who do so much to make our world a safer and more compassionate place to live.”