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Rural Microfinance Management and Rural Entrepreneurship Development Scaling-Up Project

Moshi, Tanzania

April 2003 - March 2008

Funded by Association of Canadian Community Colleges
Partnered with Moshi University College of Cooperative and Business Studies (MUCCoBS)

Project Purpose:

IDI worked with MUCCoBS to increase its capacity to deliver micro-finance management training at its main campus and 18 Regional Centres throughout Tanzania. Building on the success of this partnership, IDI with MUCCoBS establish a Cooperative Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (CEIC) with capacity to provide entrepreneurship training and small business counselling to subsistence farmers who have accessed credit and started rural small enterprises. The project enabled MUCCoBS to develop skills in designing entrepreneurship curriculum and delivering entrepreneurship training.

Services Provided:

Design and development of microfinance management workshops, built the capacity of 40 MUCCoBS faculty to design and deliver micro-finance management training, Needs Analysis on state of rural microfinance sector and its training needs completed, physical set-up of a Learning Resources Unit and training in its use (includes computers, software); curriculum and learning materials development workshops; 6-day workshop in Enterprise Development; MUCCoBS faculty training the members of rural Savings and Credit Co-ops (SACCOs) on managing rural microfinance institutions and entrepreneurship development. Canadian practicum on microfinance practice in Canada, a two week training fellowship in Canada for four staff members from the CCM main campus.

Project Results: 

40 MUCCoBS faculty trained; 15% of trainers trained were women, approximately 7200 SACCO members received training using learning materials developed by project; 52% of SACCO members were women; 32 modules have been developed for SACCO training; MUCCoBS has developed new or improved certificate and diploma programs and courses; the 18 Regional Centres show that 252 rural SACCO provided credit to their members; 237,618 women members accessing credit. A Cooperative Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre (CEIC) was also developed. By the end of the project, 2,150 entrepreneurs had received training and the CEIC was in place to continue to provide training in the long term.  MUCCoBS is able to provide better training to SACCO members, using the materials developed through the project including microfinance management, gender, and adult learning.

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