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From assessment to evaluation, we manage projects from beginning to end.

Humber provides a range of professional and education services including:

  • International project management expertise
  • Customized project management training for international development professionals
  • Post-secondary capacity building programs adapted for international contexts
  • Pre-deployment training for international volunteers and professionals, as well as, re-integration support upon return from assignment
  • Civil-military training for members of the armed forces and development professionals

IDI draws from Humber's professional experts from a range of thematic specialities including:

  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Security
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Gender
  • Tourism
  • Health

SEDS group of students

Humber’s Sulawesi Economic Development Strategy

The five year program develops the creative and business skills of students in the classroom, while also provides on-campus hubs for students to explore entrepreneurship on their own.  

NGO students

Technical Training for NGOs

Flexible, on-site, skill-based training that meets the evolving demands at work.