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International Development Projects

IDI has a reputation for excellence in project management and implementation, with experience leading projects in Asia, Africa and the South America. With a commitment to ethical development, IDI takes a multi-stakeholder, participatory approach that ensures that all views are incorporated into the planning and implementation of holistic, end-to-end solutions. IDI’s projects incorporate a theory of change that encompasses a holistic approach to supporting individuals to 1) access, 2) complete, and 3) transition from education and skills training programs to the workforce.

Projects focus on strengthening technical and vocational education training (TVET) and employment systems in developing countries through policy reform, curriculum and program development, and instructor training. IDI lends the technical expertise of Humber’s faculty and staff to support project partnerships and consortiums in the areas of technology, education, health, business, social services, digital and emerging sectors with cross cutting themes in gender, environmental sustainability and accessibility.

Applied Research in International Development

The International Development Institute is committed to pursuing applied research that is characterized by a reciprocal link between research and practice: research informs work and work informs research.

IDI’s research agenda draws on the strengths of Humber College’s polytechnic identity. It leverages Humber’s world-class Centers of Innovation and the creativity of faculty, staff and students from multiple disciplines. It is rooted to Humber’s vision for a campus environment that drives innovation, connects communities and prioritizes people, both at home and in the Global South, to create and share knowledge that brings global communities together.

To produce evidence-based research that bridges theory and practice and generates knowledge that addresses complex global challenges. This is rooted in a set of values that guides our practice:

  • Ethical conduct of research
  • Respect for local knowledge
  • Participation of our partners
  • Dissemination of knowledge to promote change.

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Work-Integrated Learning

Humber College prioritizes hands-on learning and programs that deliver employability skills and cultivate entrepreneurial attitudes that drive progress. ID taps into the creative minds and skills of the student population to support international development efforts, while simultaneously offering learning opportunities and exposure to global problems and solutions.