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About Us

The International Development Institute (IDI) at Humber College is a Centre of Excellence focused on creating equitable, transformational change in the global education sector. Drawing on the skills and expertise of staff, faculty and students, IDI manages and implements high-quality capacity-building and development projects in technology, education, health, business, social services, and emerging sectors. IDI manages a large portfolio of projects located across Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia-Pacific and South America. IDI’s projects are implemented in collaboration with government agencies, educational institutions, multilateral and bilateral donors, non-governmental organizations and civil society, and the private sector.

IDI supports the college's institutional mission to transform postsecondary education through global polytechnic leadership. Guided by Humber's commitment to establishing sustainable and reciprocal collaborations with international partners, IDI presents a model that enables addressing world challenges.Humber positions IDI as a leader in the global development sector and highlights the college's commitment to advancing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its values of innovation, equity, health and well-being and sustainability.

About The International Development Institute

A quick overview of Humber College's International Development Institute (IDI).

Our Programs

IDI has a large international outreach program, numerous partnerships, exchanges, and international programs. Through training, workshops, applied research and international development projects both in Canada and abroad, IDI leverages faculty and student expertise in a variety of sectors.

The professional and education services range includes international project management, knowledge dissemination, applied research, and work-integrated learning.

  • Technical and vocational education and training (TVET)
  • Instructor skill development through competency-based education and training (CBET)
  • Polytechnic education
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Gender equality
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Curriculum development
  • Recognition of prior learning (RPL) and certification
  • Technical expertise in STEM and Media and Creative Arts and other specialized sectors

Our Commitments


IDI is committed to the principles of equity, diversity and inclusion at the institutional, community and global levels. IDI recognizes that everyone does not have the same access to opportunities. IDI is dedicated to implementing specific, measurable and sustainable actions to offset systemic barriers, conscious and unconscious biases and inequities in our work.

Ethical Practice

IDI is committed to ensuring that our work brings about beneficial change and results in sustained impact, which creates an enabling environment where countries own their own development agendas. IDI is also committed to ensuring that we adopt ethical practices in the selection of partners and the design of international development interventions. IDI follows conflict of interest policies and conducts an ethics review for research projects.


IDI is devoted to adapting to the ever-changing world around us by providing future generations in our countries of work with the ability to meet their future needs. IDI assist their international development partners in implementing maintainable policies and practices that build their capacity to adapt to changing conditions.

Collaborative Partnerships

IDI recognizes that partnerships are essential tools for internationalization. To further international development and meet the SDGs, IDI acknowledges and values the importance of collaborating with others. It is vital to understand that meaningful and sustainable learning requires an inclusive and supportive environment that works to decentralize historic concepts of knowledge holders.


Meet the IDI Team