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Small Business Development in Zimbabwe

In partnership with Gweru Technical College, the project alleviate poverty among out-of-school youth and other disadvantaged persons in Zimbabwe by: promoting and supporting micro-enterprise and small business development and training teachers from technical colleges and vocational training centres to develop needs-based curriculum and to impart entrepreneurial skills to their students. The project’s reach extended to over 1000 individuals over its 4 year duration. Over 100 individuals received training overseas, and 11 received training in Canada.


IDI Established

The International Development Institute (IDI) was established 2003 as one of a number of Humber Centres of Excellence.


First ever Caribbean Association for Technical/Vocational Education and Training

Working with the Caribbean Commonwealth Secretariat in a 4-year project, Humber developed technical/ vocational colleges in 23 Caribbean countries and helped create the Caribbean Examination Council.

Technical Upgrading and Training in Malaysia

150 Indonesian educators were trained in 8-10 week courses at Humber’s main campus. Technical training in electronics, robotics, and instrumentation were provided through Humber and its partnership with the Malaysian National Vocational Training Council and MARA.

Royal Institute of Management (RIM) in Bhutan

In this 2-year project, IDI worked with RIM to support RIM’s management development program, including introducing a number new courses into the program.


Infrastructure, Healthy Living, and Growth in Kenya

IDI partnered with other Canadian Colleges and eight Kenyan Harambee Institutes of Technology in a 5-year project to create programs to improve water technology, agriculture, and building construction in Africa.

Small Business Support Centre in Bangladesh

This 5 year program strengthened the skills of staff from the Bangladesh Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BWCCI) to develop curriculum, training resources and trainers to provide training to women wanting to establish micro enterprises and small businesses. Over 300 women were trained and a Small Business Support Centre was established to provide future training and support.


Microfinance Management Training in Tanzania

During this 5-year project, IDI worked with Moshi University College of Business and Cooperative Studies to train members to effectively manage rural microfinance institutions to help boost revenue for rural farmers.


Capacity Building Initiative in On-Line Learning in Botswana

Improved educational attainment among rural people in Botswana by working with the The Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning (BOCODOL) to design and deliver a range of online learning opportunities that are accessible to rural people in Botswana.

Management Development Program in Bhutan

IDI partnered with the Royal Institute of Management (RIM) to assist in developing RIM’s capacity to incorporate good governance practices that are responsive to the poverty alleviation priorities of the citizens of Bhutan. The program contributed to developing a strong, effective, efficient and transparent civil service.


Scaling-up in Tanzania

Building on the success of the previous micro-finance partnership, IDI deepened their partnership with Moshi University College of Business and Cooperative Studies to create a long-term, in-house training program for entrepreneurs. This project led to the development of a Cooperative Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre in Tanzania that provides continuous training on microfinance management.


Partnership with Gweru Polytechnic Institute in Zimbabwe

Humber IDI partnered with Gweru Polytechnic Institute in Zimbabwe in a 4-year project to develop a Learning Resources Production Unit where training modules and learning materials for growth in small-business development skills were produced. The development of a Small Business Production Unit to help support new enterprises and a new Vocational Centre were also implemented.


Media Capacity Development in Bhutan

Humber faculty delivered workshops in a range of areas determined through consultations between the Department of Information and Media and media stakeholders in Bhutan to build their capacity to create and deliver high quality media outputs/products in various platforms.


Humber launches Sulawesi Economic Development Strategy Project (SEDS) - Indonesia

Humber partners with seven universities in Sulawesi, Indonesia for a five-year, $4.6 million initiative to help develop the partner institutions’ capacity to deliver entrepreneurial curricula. The project is funded by the Government of Canada through the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and Humber College.