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Work-Integrated Learning

Humber College prioritizes hands-on learning and programs that deliver employability skills and cultivate entrepreneurial attitudes that drive progress. ID taps into the creative minds and skills of the student population to support international development efforts, while simultaneously offering learning opportunities and exposure to global problems and solutions.

IDI Interns

IDI has provided opportunities for students to engage with the international development sector through hands-on and experiential internships and work-integrated learning opportunities. Based on the needs of the project, students in a wide range of programs have gained unique and valuable experiences that have allowed them to engage with international and local partners on active projects and business.

Interns at IDI exhibit excellent time management, adaptability, collaboration, organizational, program management and professionalism skills to fulfill their responsibilities on the team and support IDI-led international development projects, whether it be through online or in-person opportunities. IDI was able to facilitate internships throughout the pandemic, allowing students to have a real world look into how projects operate.

The interdisciplinary nature of international development work has brought interns from different disciplines to contribute to projects, requiring skills in communications, business, STEM, arts, project management and in cross-cutting areas such as gender, operations and monitoring and evaluation. As IDI continues to engage with new partners in high-demand sectors, including health, green energy and more, IDI relies on the diverse strength of interns from all departments, skillsets, and life experiences.

IDI interns have gone to work at:

  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Small and medium organizations (SMOs)
  • Government agencies (The City of Toronto, etc.)

Experiential Learning

IDI offers Humber students the opportunity to participate in work-integrated learning opportunities to gain valuable, practical and professional experience. Students can apply previously acquired knowledge and learning in a workplace environment to further develop and reflect on their abilities. IDI gives equal opportunity for all students at Humber to use their diverse skills within an international development framework, through internships, work-integrated learning linked to projects and career support.

Student focus groups help build digital business models for refugee women in Kenya

Humber’s Faculty of Business and multidisciplinary team of students from the Faculty of Business, Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences and Innovative Learning and Faculty of Media and Creative Arts worked with Humber’s International Development Institute (IDI) and CAP Youth Empowerment Institute (CAPYEI) to adapt the existing business skills training program currently being implemented through CAPYEI to include a digital component to entrepreneurship and further mentorship to support urban-based refugees in Nairobi launch their online enterprises.

Hanadi Alnawab, Humber’s Bachelor of Commerce (Digital Business Management) Program Coordinator combined her previous international development experience working with refugees, current experience as a Professor and Program Coordinator and experience working with small businesses through HumberOnline. Solutions platform to help support and contribute to the curriculum adaptation and developing the digital piece for the EDC Kenya project.

“This project has redefined the hands-on academic experience for me. The development of this curriculum has challenged me to reinvent my learnings and tailor my communications in a digestible way for individuals who may not even be familiar with what e-mail or social media is! They say that the best way to master something is to teach it to someone else— and this project has allowed me to do just that.” - Tabassum Mili Hawlader, Digital Business Management (Bachelor of Commerce) student

“This project caught my attention because of its end goal, to guide women from the Refugee community in Kenya to overcome gender equality and be their own bosses someday. by being involved in this project is to learn from my team and to help. I have learned so much by doing my research about their culture and fashion.” – Monica Miranda, Fashion Arts and Business graduate

Interior Design students gain hands-on international experience

Two Bachelor of Interior Design students from Humber College designed the incubation hub for the Maldives Enhancing Employability and Resilience of Youth (MEERY) project.

“This was a great opportunity to work on a real design project that is going to be built and it was interesting to work with international clients. Being able to go to the client meetings was a great experience because I felt integrated within the design process. I am grateful to be a part of this project as it has furthered my experience in this field and was overall a new and exciting experience.”  - Lily Donald, Bachelor of Interior Design Alumni

“The project has taught me many valuable skills about interior design that will enhance my future growth within the industry. I was extremely happy to be asked to join the project and experience the virtual collaboration with the rest of the team in Ontario as well as in the Maldives. I am very proud of the final design Lily, Zaiba and I have developed. Working on this project gave me the opportunity to understand how a real interior design project is executed. I thoroughly enjoyed this design experience, and I am looking forward to one day seeing the final product, when the design comes to life!” - Nicola Klahre, Bachelor of Interior Design Alumni

Film and Media students produce documentary in Kenya

Immersed in a new culture and a different way of life, Francesca Demma, Wyatt Miller and Amanda Richer were selected to work on a two-week internship opportunity in Kenya with Humber College’s International Development Institute (IDI) to help tell the story of the international development project Kenya Education for Employment Program.

Environmental Sustainability on Kenyan Campus, Teaser

Environmental Sustainability on Kenyan Campus, Teaser

Training for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

Training for Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment

Why Competency-based Education and Training (CBET)?

Why Competency-based Education and Training (CBET)?